The Fundraising Genius Masterclass

Learn the Secret Strategies of the Best Fundraisers (and raise more!)

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Finally, the Blueprint for Fundraising like a Genius

Even if You Barely Use Donor Data,

Never Studied Design,

Or Cringe at the Thought of New Technology.

Forget those fundraising trainings that tell you things you already know. It's time to take your career to the next level with the course designed for fundraisers who are ready to accelerate their growth. Learn proven strategies for creating huge audiences, converting tons of new donors, and scaling your fundraising program fast.

The world is changing and fundraising is going with it. Huge changes in technology, politics, and human behavior mean the old approaches aren’t working.

We’ve been working with and studying the most innovative, successful leaders to bring you a new playbook for fundraising in a rapidly changing world. We’ve paired proven, innovative new approaches with timeless strategies for encouraging giving behaviors.

What Will You Be Learning? A lot!

Get ready to take your fundraising to a whole new level! With 20+ lessons and almost a dozen exclusive resources, you're going to have everything you need to get started raising money faster.


Designing Your Development Program & Donor Experience

Learn how to assess and approach your fundraising overall.

Want to make better strategic decisions about how you are allocating fundraising resources, as well as understand what parts are raising the most and making the biggest impact? We’ll walk you through different techniques for assessing your organization’s current approach, and guide you through how to use the tools, guide the conversations, and get buy-in for your solutions.

You will learn:

  • How to map your fundraising programs to maximize revenue and impact
  • How to understand and improve your donors’ experience
  • How to use new tools for converting people at each donor stage
  • How to get organizational buy-in to execute your new fundraising initiatives
  • And much, much more!


Building Up Your List of Loyal Donors Faster than Ever

Learn how to attract and grow a huge audience of passionate supporters.

With more donors jumping from cause to cause these days, it is more and more important that you learn how to attract many more donors than you’re losing. This section will cover a number of applied techniques for attracting and converting more people to your organization’s cause. You’ll learn the most effective techniques for building up a huge audience, and getting more people to not just cheer you on, but give meaningful gifts to your work.

You will learn:

  • How to rapidly build a bigger and more committed donor base
  • How to develop a content strategy that attracts a huge audience
  • How to assess and leverage partnerships to raise money faster
  • How to use referral programs and storytelling to find new donors faster
  • How to know if crowdfunding is right for your organization’s needs
  • Plus, even more!


Bigger Gifts, Better Retention, and Higher Lifetime Value

Learn the dynamics of donor retention and design secrets behind bigger gifts.

The biggest secret behind all successful growth strategies is the ability to retain more supporters. It costs far less to keep somebody giving to you than to find and convince somebody new. Yet a lot of organizations are struggling really badly to keep their donors from year to year. This section dives into the science and strategies behind raising more money by retaining donors longer and getting them to give bigger gifts.

You will learn:

  • How to think about higher giving from 3 different perspectives
  • How to integrate donor retention strategies throughout your donor experience
  • How to segment your donors more effectively to raise money
  • How to use priming to successfully retain more donors
  • How to use 4 design secrets to boost online giving amounts
  • And much more!


Testing, Improving, and Automating

Learn to apply multiple strategies into a scalable system for fundraising growth.

Have you ever wondered how the best fundraisers make it look so easy? This section will show you how they do it, by demonstrating how you too can unlock exponential fundraising growth by making tweaks throughout your fundraising program that lead to bigger returns. This is the secret sauce of successful fundraising!

You will learn:

  • How to boost conversion rates to increase lifetime value of donors
  • How to get started with fundraising automations, and the best ones to use
  • How to track your most important fundraising metrics easily
  • How to assess which fundraising tasks are worth optimizing


Templates, Exercises, Tools, and Case Studies

We’re giving you an exclusive collection of resources throughout the class so you can immediately apply new information in a variety of formats. You’ll have every one of these resources in your hands during the class…

  • GUIDE: Optimizations to Use for Each and Every Donor Phase
  • GUIDE: Setting Up Your Fundraising Automations
  • GUIDE: Your Ultimate Guide to Finding New Donors
  • TEMPLATE: Mapping the Value of Your Fundraising Programs
  • TEMPLATE: Mapping Your Communications Strategy
  • EXERCISE: Diagnosing Your Donor Experience (from their perspective)
  • EXERCISE: Building Your Audience with Viral Referral Programs
  • EXERCISE: Getting the Right Feedback from Your Donors
  • TOOL: Calculating Your Fundraising Growth Potential
  • CASE STUDY: Using Donor Segments to Encourage More Giving
  • CASE STUDY: Improving a Poor Online Giving Experience

Your Instructor

Kyle Crawford
Kyle Crawford

Kyle Crawford is CEO of Fundraising Genius, an innovative platform for rapidly growing successful fundraising programs. The Fundraising Genius Masterclass combines years of lessons learned from teaching, advising, and consulting with leaders from nonprofits, universities, foundations, and startups. Kyle has deep roots in the nonprofit and social innovation field, having launched the global social innovation community Dwilly, as well as worked on initiatives in healthcare, capacity building, disabilities, and more. In addition to Fundraising Genius, Kyle is also working on The Design of Difference, a forthcoming book detailing unique strategies of successful organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I join?
You get access to everything in the course, including 20+ lessons and 10+ custom tools, guides, and resources.
How long does it take to complete the course?
Between the lessons and exercises, you should expect it to take roughly 10-15 hours to go through everything. (If you need continuing ed credits just let us know)
Can I get a money-back guarantee?
Yep! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we’ll give you a full refund.
Do I need to be a super advanced fundraiser before starting?
Nope! We walk you through everything assuming you have no advanced background. If you already know something though, you're more than welcome to skip ahead.
What if I get stuck somewhere?
Don't worry! You can always send us an email throughout the course if you have questions and we'll respond to you directly.

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Development Director

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or even just a hardworking person at the beginning of your career....

Get ready!

You are going to have access to a whole new fundraising toolbox. One that will raise your organization more money by helping you get more people to give, to give more, and to give often. This course is packed with all of the best, new approaches in fundraising today.

You can raise more money

This Fundraising Genius Masterclass is more than a set of lessons. It is a complete system for understanding how to raise money faster and more effectively at organizations of every size.

And take your career to the level

Organizations are searching for fundraisers with a more innovative toolbox. Learning these highly valued skills today can mean tens of thousands of dollars more in salary. Put your career on a fast track with the tools and skills employers are paying top dollar for.

We make it easy

You’re getting everything you need! From lessons on getting started to learning how to optimize your entire development program, we will walk you through everything you need to know to raise money faster and more effectively.

Get exactly what you need

With each lesson you complete, with each exercise you complete, you’ll have a new tool in your belt for expanding your reach, providing more value to your donors, raising more money for your organization, and being a more competitive, in-demand, higher-salaried fundraiser.

Proven strategies

Update your fundraising best practices with the tools and strategies that will fuel your fundraising for the next 10 years. We spent years creating, studying, and testing new approaches. These ones are the real deal!

Actionable steps

The point of learning is to apply it, right? You’ll be receiving nearly a dozen custom resources your organization can start using right away. These exercises and step-by-step guides make it super easy to get started improving what you’re currently doing.

You'll see real results!

Your time is valuable! So not only are all of the lessons easy-to-use, you’re also going to learn easy and amazing ways to free up more of your time. We’ll show you how to automate the little things so you can focus on the big important stuff. All you have to do now is get started...

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